About the IRTPA

The International Real Tennis Professionals Association (IRTPA) is the only association with responsibilities in all four playing countries, currently Australia, France, United Kingdom and United States.

The IRTPA is Incorporated under the Companies Act as a Limited Company.

The IRTPA looks after all aspects of the professional sport including:

  • tournament sponsorship
  • television
  • media relations
  • endorsements

The IRTPA World Championship Executive

Susie Falkner
Jonathan Howell
Andrew Gould
Ben Ronaldson

IRTPA Executive Responsibilties

Ged Eden Chairman
Ben Ronaldson Deputy Chairman, World Rankings
Rob Fahey Tournament Liaison and Tournament Innovations
Susie Falkner Chief Executive
Ben Matthews Tournament Liaison and Tournament Innovations
Claire Fahey Young Player Development
Chris Chapman Australian Representative
Tony Hollins American Representative