1st WC Eliminators Dates Confirmed 2020

Published on: Dec 12, 2019

Camden Riviere v Nick Howell


Their match will be played at The Oratory School, Reading on Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th  January 2020 at 19:00 hours.   Details on how to obtain tickets and streaming links will be available shortly.

Chris Chapman v Ben Taylor-Matthews

Their match will be played at the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club on the 28th and 30th January 2020.  How to obtain tickets and streaming details will be posted as soon as these are confirmed.

The 1st round eliminators are played at one venue and are the best of 9 sets.  4 sets are played on the first day, then a day’s rest with the remaining sets being played until one player has won 5 sets.  There is a ‘sting’ in the tail though; if one of the player’s has won 4 sets on the 1st day of play that player has the option to play the 5th set that day.