AppsPlus IRTPA Championships

Published on: Apr 28, 2017

Bizarre happenings!

Friday saw the day of the semi-finals at the AppsPlus IRTPA Championships.  The first match up was Camden Riviere and Ben Matthews and for two sets Matthews pushed Riviere into play some outstanding tennis.  These sets were won by Riviere 6/3 6/4.  Riviere then raised his game and won the third set to love.

Fahey and Chapman came on court.  The first set went as a match should, both players playing well and moving freely with Fahey winning the first set 6/5.  Match on one would have thought.  The bizarre happenings then started.   Chapman started to look physically ill and indeed thank goodness for a bucket just outside the court which was conveniently used as Chapman became really quite unwell.  However that set too also went to 6/5 and Fahey had stopped hitting the ball hard, indeed all he could do was return the ball softly over the net or into the net.  What was happening?  Was Chapman going to retire?  Everything was really quite extraordinary.  What had occurred just before the end of the 2nd set was Fahey hit his arm hard against a wall and injured himself.  Chapman, probably to his slight amazement took the third set to love and was preparing to receive serve for the beginning of the fourth, Fahey spoke to the marker and the announcement was made he was retiring.  So it really was a case of last man standing and Chapman will be playing the final on Sunday.

There is never a dull moment in real tennis.