Final Eliminator – Result

Published on: Mar 19, 2014

Camden Riviere wins.  7 sets were played and 7 sets were won and the challenger is known for the World Challenge in May 2104
6/5 6/3 6/1 6/1 6/2 6/3 6/4

Second Day:  The match resumed with Steve serving and those watching just wondered how the match would now be approached by Steve.  He had to change his match plan and to try to put Camden under pressure.  It was not to be though; Camden survived all the threats Steve threw at him  specifically in the sixth set in the third game and during the seventh set when Steve went 4/2 up.

Stats for the 2nd day:

 5th set Dedans Grille WG
SV 4 2
CR 1 2
6th Set
SV 5 4 3
CR 3 1  2
7th Set
SV 3 2
CR 2 1

Now Melbourne knows who the challenger will be and their final preparations can be made.  The challenge match days are 6th, 8th and 10th May.  Still thinking of attending?  Go on – come and join many from around the world and watch Rob Fahey defend his title against Camden Riviere.  It will be mega.


© Photographs Frederika Adam

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                                                           The live coverage team



First Day:  Chicago were holding their breath for a stella performance from their man, Steve Virgona.  Steve’s opponent Camden Riviere is under no illusion of the spectator’s  support  and how they will respond to all great play, games and sets won by Steve, and he, Camden is just  the fly in the ointment, the one who could stop Chicago’s head pro from his third consecutive challenge.  So what would be Camden’s game plan?

It was simple, play great tennis, make few errors, be patient and just win the games and the sets and just silence the Chicago crowd.

In the first set Camden was 5/1 up.  The final set score was 6/5.  In the final game of this set Steve was 15/40 down and saved the first two set points, one of these was a very ‘casual’ ball into the winning gallery!  Camden though must have wondered where his 5/1 lead had gone to and the 40/15 lead in this eleventh game. Neither player showed any emotion and there were some amazing rests;  the winner though was Camden and with the loudest “C’mon” and fist pump Camden literally silenced the spectators for the rest of the match and the 1st set was his.

The retrieving by both players was simply staggering and their coverage of the court was awesome.  Although the set scores of the remaining 3 sets make it look an easy win to Camden, the tennis was close but Camden just won those important points – the game points.

It was interesting to watch this game.  Steve throughout the four sets appeared very controlled and composed, but this 100% focus seemed to take away that brilliant flair and shot making talent of his;  I think he was trying to control his emotions just too much and this was detrimental to his tennis. Camden cannot be beaten for speed by anyone; his coverage is truly amazing and then with the ability to control the shot he has got to. The most interesting thing for me was Camden’s use of the galleries to lay the chases and to win a chase being played off.  First opportunity, he takes it.  All he wanted was to be at the service end and control the match.

The match was marked with aplomb by The Queen’s Club head professional Andrew Lyons and Andrew’s number 2 in the dedans was John Cashman, Chicago’s head professional.

The action was covered brilliantly by Freddy Adam.  What Freddy is able to now produce is very impressive indeed.  It is so important to have coverage of events being played around the world, the world championships since 2002 have been covered but surely it is now time for the four Opens too?

The players now have a day off.  For Camden he will probably be relaxing with his family.  Steve will have to ponder what changes in strategy he puts into place for Thursday;  Some of you may think ‘it’s over’.  “Fat Ladies” comes to mind and just to remind you of their last meeting in a final eliminator was at Tuxedo in 2010 Camden was 3/1 up after the first day.  Steve did go away and alter some things, and on the second day’s play Steve levelled the match so going into the final day the set scores were 4/4.  Steve won 7/6.

Camden was able to literally silence the Chicago spectators.  They too now have to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and get behind their man and make their presence heard.

Some stats of these 4 sets are:

1st set Dedans Grille WG
SV 4 4 1
CR 5 6
2nd Set
SV 2 3 1
CR 3 3
3rd Set
SV 3 1
CR 7 2 1
4th Set
SV 4 2
CR 3 1 1