Riviere’s Thoughts For The New Season

Published on: Sep 7, 2013

What do you think about when you go on court?  It could be for an organised game or it could be for a match.
Your actions and play should not change and it is important to always have the right mind set.


The most important part of serving is understanding what your serve is going to do. If you know what your serves will do, you can use them to manipulate your opponents’ response. The key is to take a pause in between each serve to really think about where you are aiming, and what will happen. This way you can make your opponent hit to the part of the court you want them to.

Return of Serve

Return of serve tends to be a after-thought to most. Rather than trying to force the ball, concentrate on beating chase 3 on the floor with every return. This will be an effective shot no matter if you are playing off another chase or just starting a game.


Retrieving can be one of the most difficult parts of our game. When retrieving balls out of the corner try to slow down the racket head. Concentrate on making good contact with the ball in the middle of the strings. This will create a higher likelihood that the ball will go over the net. Even if the shot is not a great one, it will keep you in the point and frustrate your opponent.


When trying to read the tambour you must focus on your footwork. The tendency is to back up as the ball heads towards the tambour, but if your weight is on your back foot it makes it impossible to cover the missed tambour shot. . Make sure that your weight it always on your front foot going towards to tambour, even if you back up. If your last step is going forward it makes it easier to cover when a ball misses and goes under the grille.

Further in depth analysis on these aspects of these aspects to follow each month.

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