Rob Fahey’s 2nd interview and some stats

Published on: Apr 20, 2016

Since Rob Fahey defeated Wayne Davies in 1994 at a double venue challenge and both challenges being the best of 13 sets the table below shows the dominance of the world champion over his last 12 defences, but first a video of Rob’s second interview on his upcoming defence in Newport.


Total Number of Possible Sets  143
Number of sets won 76
Number of sets lost 26
Percentage of sets won 53%
Percentage of sets lost 18%
Percentage of sets not played 29%









Number of 6/5 sets  21
Number won 12
Number lost 9
Percentage won 57%
Percentage lost 43%


Number of 6/0 sets  8
Number won 7
Number lost 1
Percentage won 88%
Percentage lost 12%