Spectator Applications 1st Round Eliminators

Published on: Jan 15, 2020



 Oratory Real Tennis Club

World Championship Eliminator

Camden Riviere v Nick Howell 

Monday 27th & Wednesday 29th January

Matches commence at 7pm


Oratory Real Tennis Club is delighted to announce that tickets are now available.  This is a great opportunity to see real tennis at its finest in what will be an entertaining, lively and sociable event.

This is a ticket-only event and will not be live-streamed.  The Oratory has a superb series of viewing galleries and refreshments will be provided throughout both evenings.  Depending on the match and total sets played, reigning World Champion Rob Fahey has also kindly made himself available to entertain us with some exhibition tennis on the Wednesday. 

We will be delighted to help visitors make a weekend of their visit to South Oxfordshire and the Oratory by arranging tennis, a Saturday drinks reception and a Sunday evening drinks & dinner.

Please complete the Booking Form or simply respond to this email, detailing your ticket & event preferences.  You will not be required to make any payment at this stage.  When we have finalised the seating plan and supporting events, we will email you to confirm your bookings, the cost and payment.

Oratory World Title Eliminator ticket application form






seated + Upper Gallery Bar



Upper Gallery or Club Room

seated + Upper Gallery Bar



Upper Gallery

standing + Upper Gallery Bar



Top Gallery or Side Galleries

seated + Club Bar



Standing only

standing + Club Bar




Saturday evening drinks reception
Sunday evening drinks & dinner

Doubles tennis on Saturday / Sunday / Monday / Tuesday


The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

World Championship Eliminator

Chris Chapman v Ben Taylor-Matthews

Tuesday 28th & Thursday 30th January

Matches commence at 6.30pm

To book your seats please sign up at the club or email (specific eliminator email address)

Ticket Prices AUD$

Dedans $150
Side Galleries $100 (sitting or standing)
Mezzanine Seats $100
Bar Stools $100
Upper Gallery $40
Standing $20