The Champions Trophy 2023 Draws Now Available

Published on: Jun 17, 2023

The Champions Trophy is being played at The Royal Tennis Court 19th – 23rd July with the Qualifying tournament being held on the 18th July.

The draw is being completed early next week

As soon as the draw has been formalised an image of it will be put on this page, it is not your usual knock out tournament and the image will explain fully the mechanics of the event.

Qualifying Draw  CT23 QUAL DRAW

Main Draw  CT23 DRAW 
Qualifying Tournament Format
Tuesday 18th July 2023
There are four available places in the qualifying stage. Four of the ten participants with lowest ranking compete in a league, playing each other in a one set match to nine games. The top two players with the best results – Wins / Game ratio / Result – qualify for the main draw. The two qualifiers positions are drawn into the main draw at the CT23 Reception Drinks event.
Main Draw
The main draw includes the top six seeded players plus the two qualifying players compete for the tournament title; each match is played over the best of five sets.
Schedule of play:
Wednesday 19th July – Matches A, B, C, & D – First round – Top 6 plus two qualifiers
Thursday 20th July – Match E & D
Saturday 22nd July – Semi-finals Match F & G
Sunday 23rd July – Match H – CT23 Final 

The main draw format brings closely ranked players together throughout the tournament.
Example format of rounds:
Match A: 1st seed vs. 3rd seed
Match B: 2nd seed vs. 4th seed
Match C: 5th seed vs. qualifier 2 – Loser eliminated
Match D: 6th seed vs. qualifier 1 – Loser eliminated
Match E: Loser of A vs. Winner of C – Loser eliminated
Match F: Loser of B vs. Winner of D – Loser eliminated
Match G: Winner of A vs. Winner of E – Loser eliminated
Match H: Winner of B vs. Winner of F – Loser eliminated
Final: Winner of G vs. Winner of H