The Eliminator Race Is Concluded

Published on: Nov 24, 2015

With the conclusion of the British Open the two year race which started on January 1st 2014 is now concluded.

The four players who now have the right to go into an eliminator series and the winner of this will be Rob Fahey’s challenger in May 2016.

The players are in order of their finish in the race:

  1. Camden Riviere
  2. Steve Virgona
  3. Tim Chisholm
  4. Bryn Sayers

No 1 plays No 4 and No 2 plays No 3.  The winners from this 1st round play off for the right to play the champion in the final eliminator.

The first round eliminators will be played between the Australian and US Open and the Final Eliminator will be in March.

These 4 players have to notify the IRTPA by the 30th November of their intentions, dates will then be finalised.