The National League and Covid-19

Published on: Mar 18, 2020

Covid-19 and its evolvement along with the directives and advice given by the Government is changing rapidly.  

If the U.K. should follow suit to many of the countries in Europe the U.K. or parts of the U.K. are likely to be locked down and the national league will be immediately cancelled.

Until that time, it is the choice of your team and club whether to continue the remainder of the season.  However, we do have to draw a line as this year’s event should not run into next season which will, barring Covid-19, commence in September.  The date for this is Sunday 19th July.

Finals must be played by this date.

If that has not been possible, and every sensible effort has been made by all the teams concerned, an independent mathematician will look at all the data regarding submitted wins and losses to decide  which team has won each league and who should win the MVP in each division.

Please do check the realtoolz web site incase there are any outstanding results which have not been submitted.

Thank you for your continued support of the National League and we hope you have enjoyed the season up to now.


Lesley Ronaldson National League Co-Ordinator on behalf of the IRTPA