US Pro Singles Playing For The Schochet Cup

Published on: Jun 6, 2016

2016 US Pro Singles Photo copy


This is the tournament loved by all the players, it attracts the elite players, plus the young up and coming players of the future by running two tournaments.  The format is the same as the IRTPA Championships held in the UK with the main event comprising the top 8 worlds’ players  and with the remaining 8 players coming through from the Satellite event.  The Satellite, although a qualifier event is played through to its conclusion thereby giving the less experienced player the opportunity of getting to a final and notching up a title.  It is thanks to Jay Schochet this tournament week is so well attended, his vision of creating a fund to ensure the majority prize fund of this annual event which is also supported by Northfield means this is the best funded annual tournament in the world, thereby ensuring that the young player travelling to the United States will at least cover their expenses and cost of air travel.  The Satellite in the USA started in 2011 and in the UK in 2005.  Three of the winners of the Satellite have gone on to become current top 10 players.

This year the event began 8 days after the conclusion of the world challenge at Newport.  This is an amazing achievement by any club and the National Tennis Club is the first to achieve this and our admiration is unbounded.  The work and organisation by NTC’s committee, the club’s two professionals Camden Riviere and Nick Howell are to be congratulated.

Camden Riviere has won the event now for the 7th consecutive year (2010 -2016) and this has only be achieved by Rob Fahey (2003 – 2009).  Rob Fahey also won the title in 2001.

Rob Fahey, Suzie Schochet, Steve De Voe, Camden Riviere, George Wharton

The highlights can be viewed below.