2018 World Challenge Goes To The Third Day

Published on: Apr 26, 2018

The 2018 Challenge is Camden Riviere’s first defence of his title which he won by defeating Rob Fahey, the holder of the title for 22 years in Newport, Rhode Island in 2016.

The world challenge started on Tuesday 24th April with 4 sets played of a possible 13 sets.  At the end of some of the most exciting tennis ever seen Riviere led by 3 sets to 1 set and the scores were 4/6, 6/3, 6/5 6/0.










The question was would Fahey win another set on Thursday when another 4 sets were played to ensure the match continued until Saturday when up to 5 sets would be played or until one player had reached a total of 7 sets.

The answer is now known, not only did Fahey win that required set but he won all 4 sets and now leads Riviere by 5 sets to 3.  The scores were 6/5, 6/4, 6/3 6/1.

There is a match most pundits would not have expected and Saturday’s play starting at 14:00 BST will be one of the most exciting ends to what has already been a privilege to be part of.  Will Riviere regroup, refocus and win 4 of the 5 sets or will Fahey be able to reclaim his crown?