New World Ranking System

New World Ranking System

There will be a new world ranking system in place as from the 1st January 2018.

This has come about by top players approaching the IRTPA to see if something more equitable could be achieved whereby it is not based on the players who have entered, which up to now has given the intrinsic value of the tournament, but for ranking and race points to be based on the amount of net prize money in the ranking tournament.

All prize money will be converted to US$ and the spot rate as at the 1st January each year will be taken.  If a currency should fluctuate by 20% then the spot rate will be altered accordingly.  This will not affect tournaments that have taken place, only future ones.

The world championship will have for the purpose of allocating ranking points a fixed value of US$30,000.  The world championship will no longer carry race points as it has have previously.

Race points and ranking points will now be a straight accumulation of points earned from an event, there will be no average finish, beautification etc of these points.

All players will know before they enter an event what points they will receive at varying stages of the tournament.  Additionally, ranking and race points will be awarded from the R.16.  Once the entry form of a ranking event is published showing the net prize fund for distribution an area on the IRTPA’s web site will show what the points available are for that event.

On January 1st 2018 the new system will take into account all tournaments within the current ranking system and the race points will begin at zero.

The prize money value will be capped should an event have more than $50,000 as below.

100% up to $50,000, 50% up to $100,000 and then 10% for any further monies. By way of example, a tournament that had a total of $150,000 would be:

$50,000 + $25,000 (for the $50,000-$100,000 part) + $5,000 (for the $100,000-$150,000 part) = $80,000

How The Ranking and Race Points Are Calculated

If the event is an Open the prize fund is multiplied by 1.5. The net prize fund is divided by 57.   This figure comes about by the payment values at each stage of an Open tournament:

Winner = 15 points
Finalist = 10 points
Semi Finalist = 12 points (6 points each)
Quarter Finalist = 12 points (3 points each)
R. 16 = 8 points (1 point each)
Total in 57 points

These points are allocated to all players participating irrespective of status for ranking and race points.

The ranking points will run over a 3 year period, with points depreciating by a 1/3 of their original value each year, as they did under the previous ranking system.  The race points will start at zero on January 1st each challenge year and finalise after the last ranking tournament pre challenge year.