A Brutal Display

Published on: Feb 18, 2014

Virgona Crushes Sayers In 3 Sets

Tuesday 18th was the first match of the eliminators to be held with Steve Virgona playing Bryn Sayers at The Queen’s Club.

It was the most devastating display of power, anticipation and unrelenting tennis played at the highest standard by Steve Virgona.  The rests were often ludicrously spectacular and the retrieving by the two players simply magnificent.   Bryn Sayers must wonder what he did wrong.  To be honest, he didn’t do so much wrong but he was simply tonight outclassed and dominated by his opponent. The pressure Sayers was under was relentless from the first ball and Virgona went into an early lead.  In the first set Virgona was leading 4/1 and Sayers pegged this back to 3/4, but Virgona went 3/5 up and Sayers got the score line back to 4/5.  Sayers was 30/40 down and the pressure started to show when he double faulted on set point.

The second set had Sayers leading at one point 3/1 but Virgona just won the remaining 5 games.  Sayers now had to have a different plan if he was to stop Virgona.

The third set was all Virgona; Sayers played some magnificent points, but never secured those essential games and Virgona won the set 6/3.

The score was 6/4 6/3 6/3.

The second leg of this possible best of three matches will be played in Chicago on Tuesday 25th February and if Sayers levels the match score the final leg will be played on Thursday 27th February.