A New World Champion

Published on: May 23, 2016


Camden Riviere is the new world champion

The result of the long anticipated challenge is now known and with the amazing broadcast of the tennis through the week you can now see replays of how it all unfolded.  He defeated Rob Fahey over three days 7/2.  It was awesome tennis, the retrieving of our new world champion was spectacular and has to be seen on the broadcast to believe what he was doing.  The last two sets on the 2nd day was some of the best tennis ever and incredible to watch.

 The broadcast can be seen by clicking here

Day 1 scores:  6/4 6/3 6/2 4/6

Day 2 scores:  6/2 6/3 3/6 6/2

Day 3 score:  6/2



The match was marked by Andrew Lyons, head professional at The Queen’s Club.  It was tough, but as usual he came through just about in one piece.  He had a critical call and his decision was “chase off”.  Some spectators were shouting out “good call”, some were calling out “chase won” others “chase lost”.  As for the players one was relatively happy and the other not so happy.  A replay and then a slow-motion replay showed his call to be 100% spot on.  Perhaps one day players will be able, like in lawn tennis, to ask for a replay?

It was tough for Camden out there, so many Australians who have followed Rob for his reign were urging him on and there he was on his home court, in his own country and although the Americans were supporting Camden, they were torn in their loyalties.  He probably knew it was going to be tough, but the way he played, his humility in winning will bring him a whole load of new supporters.

A few pictures from the championship and just as soon as all have been received, they will be put up in the web site’s gallery.

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