Fahey Is Riviere’s Challenger In April 2018

Published on: Mar 7, 2018

Fahey only had to win one more best of 5 set matches to become Riviere’s challenger.  Fahey won in 4 sets in Chicago against Virgona and the possible remaining 2 5 set matches to be played at The Prested Hall Racket Club.

Fahey is not normally a quick starter and more often than not will lose the 1st set of a match.  However, this all changed tonight when he defeated Virgona in straight sets 6/2 6/3 6/2.  Much of the tennis was completely absorbing with exhilarating retrieving from both players.  Virgona must have felt he was in the lion’s den with the support for Fahey but these supporters were pretty even handed when Virgona was in full control of rests and playing brilliant shots.

Virgona saved 4 match points before going down when Fahey closed out the match with a shot in the grille.

This is the first time since Fahey became the world champion in 1994 that he has gone through the eliminator process.  It is a pretty exhausting process and he now has to regroup and think of a way to defeat the reigning champion in April.  This will be a very tall order but nothing is impossible.

If you do not have tickets yet for the Challenge apply quickly as they will be going like hot cakes.