FLM Super League – Day 1

Published on: Apr 11, 2024

What a ‘corker’ of a day yesterday.  A buffer hour had been worked into the schedule – it was just as well as the first rubber finished with 5 minutes before the schedule time of the second rubber.

The MVP after the first day is:

The matches today, Thursday, below.  Hope to see you there, come and meet the players, they don’t normally play in teams and the comradery is truly on show.

Wednesday’s Results:

Maverick Gale defeated Slayer Mackenzie 9-7
Maverick Taylor-Matthews defeated Slayer Sayers 9-7
Slayer team of Gordon and Hamilton defeated Maverick team of Trueman and Eadle 9-7

Henchman Long defeated Forcers Mrs Fahey 9-3
Forcer Mr Fahey defeated Henchman Shenkman 9-6
Henchman team of Merola and Flynn defeated Forcer team of Williams and Vallat 9-3