IRTPA Championships

Published on: Sep 30, 2018

The championships are being held at the Leamington Tennis Court Club from the 14th – 21st October.

Streaming of the matches can be watched on the club’s YouTube channel

The IRTPA Championship dates are:  Draw 16th – 21st October

The IRTPA Satellite  round robin see below is being played on the 14th October with the final being played on Sunday 21st October.

The Taylor Cup date is the 15th October with the final being played on Sunday 21st October.  Draw here


The Satellite event is being played on a round robin basis and there are two groups with the winner and runner-up of each group progressing to the IRTPA Championships.  This has now been completed.  Louis Gordon and Craig Greenhalgh is the winner of their respective group with Claire Fahey and John Woods-Casey the runners up of their respective group and these 4 players qualified for the IRTPA Championship.  The final between Louis and Craig is played on Sunday 21st October

Group A of the Satellite was

Louis Gordon
Nino Merola
Neil MacKenzie
John Woods-Casey

Group B of the Satellite was
Craig Greenhalgh
Claire Fahey
Josh Smith
Adam Player


As a peripatetic player I can, perhaps, appreciate more than most the role, time and effort our professionals dedicate to their clubs and the members as well as the values they uphold. The fact that so many often consider their profession as a way of life rather than a job is what helps to make our sport unique.