New World Ranking System

Published on: Mar 14, 2013

A new world ranking system comes into effect from January 1st 2014.

Why Is A Change Necessary? 

The current ranking system runs on a 2 year basis, but there are not enough tournaments to reflect an accurate picture of the world rankings.

The rules for tournament seeding is currently based upon those with a world ranking of 100 points or more and then by handicap. The new method of calculation we believe is better and truly reflects a more accurate position and this has been agreed with the world’s national associations

The new World Ranking System will run over a three-year period rather than the current two-year period.  As from January 1st 2014 the current 100 point rule will be discarded, as there will be enough information in the system to show world ranking positions from 1 to 8 for seeding purposes in tournaments.

The race points will remain running over a 2 year period as they do now.

All of the national association’s IWCC members have accepted our proposal.

Although this new ranking system starts on the 1st January 2014, the player’s performance and how where they finish this year though will count towards the new ranking system in January 2014.

As an example, below is a chart showing the rankings on a two year period and the rankings on a three year period:

Ranking Player Over 2 Years Over 3 Years
1 Fahey 795 1060
2 Virgona 581 773
3 Sayers 563 751
4 Riviere 532 709
5 Chisholm 239 317
6 Matthews 140 187
7 Stout 109 143
8 Booth 103 137
9 Chapman No Official Ranking 107
10 Filippelli No Official Ranking 87