Streaming Of The Two Eliminators

Published on: Mar 19, 2023

The 1st round eliminators are nearly upon us!

These first round eliminators are the best of 9 sets.  The first 4 sets are played on the first day, with the remaining 5 sets or until a player reaches a total of 5 sets played 2 days later.

The first takes place between John Lumley and Chris Chapman at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia.

This match is being played on the 22nd and 24th March, commencing at 17:30GMT on both days.

The second eliminator takes place at the Aiken Tennis Club, on the 29th and 31st March commencing at 18:00GMT on both days.

Both venues have Ryan Carey running the streaming.  The streaming should be available on the USCTA’s YouTube channel   Should this change prior to the event a notification will be published on this site.