Streaming World Challenge 2023

Published on: Sep 4, 2023

Streaming of the 2023 Challenge between the World Champion, Camden Riviere and his Challenger, John Lumley, will be available to watch on the USCTA’s YouTube Channel

Day 1: Sunday 17th September
America 14:00EST,
United Kingdom 19:00BST,
France 20:00CET
Australia 04:00AEST + 1 day,

Day 2: Tuesday 19th September
America 17:00EST,
United Kingdom 22:00BST,
France 23:00CET
Australia 07:00AEST + 1 day,

Day 3: Thursday 21st September
America 13:00EST,
United Kingdom 18:00BST,
France 19:00CET
Australia 22:00AEST,