The 2025 World Challenge and Final Eliminator

Published on: Jan 8, 2024

Bidding for hosting the Final Eliminator and The Challenge 2025 is now open.  If you have any query on these documents please contact Susie Falkner at the IRTPA

There have been some changes to the Final Eliminator bidding which the IWCC feel will be attractive should your chosen player reaches this stage.  A quick synopsis is:

  • Club X would like to bid (not less than $20,000USD) irrespective of the players involved and this bid is held confidentially by the IRTPA.
  • Club Y or Z would like to bid (not less than $20,000USD) if a particular player reaches the FE, otherwise the bid does not stand.
  • Bid from Club X takes precedence even if the bids from Club Y or Z is higher
  • If there is not a bid from Club X a player bid upon by Club Y or Z reaches the FE then the highest bid wins.
  • If there are no bids, then the format defaults to Home & Away basis.

Final Eliminator Bid Document 2025   The Challenge Bid Document 2025