The British Challenge

Published on: Jun 25, 2013
Finals – 1st 4 SetsThe players are Ricardo Smith and Chris Chapman; for one of them it was the perfect 4 sets and for the other, a nightmare, who now has a free day to go back to the drawing board and come up with a different strategy for the next 4 sets.

Ricardo Smith’s set scores were 6/2 6/2 6/3 6/2.
Ricardo played the most perfect match.  From 2/2 in the first set he showed his total dominance in all the play and strategies.  Chris had no answer.  The games were close, but the score line was not.
All Ricardo has to do is replicate this faultless form on Thursday and prior to this Chris has to analyse Ricardo’s strengths and weaknesses, minimise those strengths and maximise his weaknesses, practice on Wednesday and put this new game strategy into play on Thursday.  Easy!