The Browning Cup 2012/13

Published on: Mar 13, 2013

The Browning Cup is a handicap singles tournament for professional players only.

It is always a fun tournament with a great atmosphere created by the professionals themselves.  Some of the professionals are great at playing off handicap, others are not quite so good and often look bemused and sometimes incredulous as their opponent returns shots.  “How on earth did they get that one back” look!  Yes, this thought even happens to a seasoned professional player.

To win a handicap tournament, you have to be canny, set the point up and keep the ball off the penthouse at all costs; you are unlikely to see the winner going for many winning openings especially if they are giving away handicap.

What a final day it was.  The two semi finals, one doubles and the final of The Browning Cup.  The first semi up was Darren Long v Scott Blaber.  Scott tried everything he could to upset Darren on his home court but to no avail.  The second semi saw Craig Greenhalgh v Claire Vigrass.  Craig was just too steady and won in two sets.  So the final was to see Darren defending his title and Craig trying to reclaim the title which he won in 2009.

The atmosphere at Canford was brilliant, a packed Dedans and club room, with the sponsors Savills and Steele Raymond LLP entertaining their guests not only to some great tennis, but a wonderful spread of food prepared by the school.  School food was never as good in my day – it was just scrumptious – lucky students!

The doubles was between Ben Ronaldson and Scott Blaber against Rob Fahey and Ged Eden.  These players showed every shot in the book including those you do not normally see in a tournament match.  It really was a great display and much enjoyed by all.

The final followed.  It was a very good final.  So close for Craig but not close enough.  The final score was 6/5 6/5 with Darren defending his title successfully and becoming the first player to do so.

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