The IRTPA Championships

Published on: Oct 10, 2013

The tournament starts today and the draw for the event can be seen here

After the thrilling climax to the European Open where Camden retained the title defeating Rob Fahey 6/4 5/6 3/6 6/2 6/3 the protagonists could meet again should they reach the final.  If this is the case, then hold onto your seats and wait for the explosive tennis to follow.  It will be worth your while travelling to Manchester to see this possible spectacle and if you might be saying to yourself “I could see this at the British Open” you won’t as Camden is not participating.  The final of the European was tennis not to miss.

This is the penultimate tournament before the closure of the two year cycle for ranking points for the challengers to know their position in the eliminators for the 2014 World Challenge being held in Melbourne at The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club in May.