The U.S. Open 2024

Published on: Jan 4, 2024


This important Open event is being held from 22nd – 29th February.

This is the first Open to allow the initial prize fund declared on the entry form to be increased.

The Prize funds declared on the entry form generate the world ranking and race points available to players.  Under a new ruling of December 2023 this figure may be increased after the initial declaration on the entry form and be eligible for the world ranking and race points to increase in line with the increased figure up to 48 hours before entries close. 

The notification of the funds being increased should be made to the club’s national association and the IRTPA.  The IRTPA will amend the point allocation accordingly.  Additionally, the tournament director is now permitted to make the list of entrants known, prior to the entry closing date, both in singles and doubles (showing doubles partner) rather than remaining confidential until the draws are made.