U.S. Open Entry Update/Final Fund Information

Published on: Jan 26, 2024


Declared Prize Fund Singles and Doubles:  $65,000

Initial Singles Prize Fund:    $42,250
Initial Doubles Prize Fund:  $22,750

As at the closing time of 48 hours prior to entries closing which was5:00pm EST on Monday 29th January, the tournament committee have decided not to raise the prize funds. Any increase in the prize funds before this date and time would have increased the number of world ranking and world race points attributed to the event.

The Raquet Club of Philadelphia will still continue to look for additional funds for disbursement to the professionals but these will not have enhanced ranking or race points.

The draw is for 16 players.  14 players qualify by right and the remaining players play in a qualifying event.

The current entry for the singles is:

Qualify by right

Camden Riviere
John Lumley
Rob Fahey
Nick Howell
Ben Taylor-Matthews
Steve Virgona
Bryn Sayers
Leon Smart
Matthieu Sarlangue
Robert Shenkman
Darren Long
Lewis Williams
Tim Chisholm
Barney Tanfield

Final 2 players from those qualifying below

Josh Dodgson
Freddie Bristow
Neil MacKenzie
John Woods-Casey
Louis Gordon
Noah Motz
Jon Crowell
Peter Dickinson
Robbie Whitehouse
Henry Smith
James Greenley
Eli Segal

The doubles pairings are

The draw is for 12 pairs and 12 pairs have entered.  There is no qualifying event.

Camden Riviere and Tim Chisholm
Rob Fahey and Nick Howell
John Lumley and Steve Virgona
Bryn Sayers and Ben Taylor-Matthews
Leon Smart and Josh Dodgson
Rob Shenkman and Darren Long
Lewis Williams and Louis Gordon
Barney Tanfield and Freddie Bristowe
Jon Crowell and John Woods-Casey
Neil MacKenzie and Noah Motz
Peter Dickinson and Henry Smith
Eli Segal and James Greenley