US and UK National League

Published on: Apr 25, 2013

It has been a busy week for the ‘showcase’ of the National Leagues.

The first one took place in America at the National Tennis Club in Newport between Team New England represented by Camden Riviere, Rich Smith and Tony Hollins versus Team New York represented by Barney Tanfield and James Stout.  It was a clean sweep to Team New England.
The scores were:

Rich Smith def Barney Tanfield 6/5 6/2
Camden Riviere def James Stout 6/0 6/0  (the first of the double bagels!)
Riviere and Smith def Stout and Tanfield 8/2

Last night at the Royal Tennis Court the UK Premier final was held between the Royal Tennis Court represented by Nick Wood and Chris Chapman versus Prested Hall Racquet Club represented by Tom Durack and Ricardo Smith.


The Royal Tennis Court won 2/1.  The scores were:

Nick Wood def Tom Durack 6/0 6/0 (the second of the double bagels!)
Chris Chapman def Ricardo Smith 6/2 6/4
Durack and Smith def Wood and Chapman 8/6

It was such a well supported evening with some 85 plus people attending.  The IRTPA would like to thank the Board of RTC for hosting the event and to their professional team in the support they gave to the organisers, of course two of them were playing and Stef King who ran the bar and must have felt like the general dogs body by the end of the evening!
sponsor_polTo Pol Roger and James Simpson, thank you so much for your continued and so much appreciated support of the IRTPA.  Your champagne flowed and was enjoyed by all attending.


To Grays International and Richard Gray thank you for your support to the professionals and our events.  The rackets for the most valuable player of each division went to:

Premier Division Ben Matthews (HHTC) _DSC4218
Division 1 John Lumley (Radley) _DSC4217
Division 2 Adam Player (Seacourt) _DSC4214
Division 3 Lewis Williams (Prested) _DSC4212
Division 4 Tom Bomford (Moreton) Not Present
Division 5 Simon Fox (RTC) Not Present
Division 6 Ed Popplewell (Holyport) _DSC4209
Division 7 TBC
Division 8 Chris Aley (HHTC) _DSC4207
Division 9 Simon Flynn (Seacourt) _DSC4205


_DSC3972 _DSC4079x _DSC4146 _DSC4200



Finally, Ben Matthews you did a great job marking all three matches