Venues For 1st Round Eliminators

Published on: Dec 1, 2017

All four players entered the eliminator process and the line up is

Rob Fahey (1) -v- Bryn Sayers(4)
Steve Virgona (2) -v- Chris Chapman (3)

Each player if they wanted to host their match on their chosen court had to put in a bid and the 1 and 2 seeds had the right to counter their opponents bid if their initial bid was within 80% of their opponents bid.  Seeds 3 and 4 put in a large enough bid to nullify this right and therefore the matches will be held as follows:

Rob Fahey -v- Bryn Sayers at The Queen’s Club
Steve Virgona -v- Chris Chapman at the Royal Tennis Court

There is a new format for this year’s eliminator 1st round matches and the match is the best of 9 sets.  4 sets being played on the first day, day’s rest and up to 5 sets played the following day.  There is also a ‘twist’ to this.  If one player is 4/0 up on the first day they have the option to play one more set that day endeavouring to win the match.

These eliminators will be played in the second week of February