WC Eliminators 2020

Published on: Nov 29, 2019

The world race concluded after the final ranking tournament of the last two year period with the completion of the British Open.

The four players who are eligible to play off for the right to challenge Rob Fahey in April 2020 are:

Camden Riviere ranked 1 

Chris Chapman ranked 2

Ben Taylor-Matthews ranked 3

Nick Howell ranked 4

The draw for the 1st round eliminator is:

1 – v – 4 and 2 – v – 3

A bidding process is now in progress by the 4 players and then the venue for the best of 9 set match will be known in December.  Bids have to be with Susie Falkner by 10th December and the announcement of the venues will be announced within one week of this date.  The final eliminator is then played between the winners of this first round eliminator.