World Championship Doubles Updated

Published on: Jan 4, 2024

The World Championship Doubles, like the World Championship Singles challenge is a biennial event and has until now happened in uneven years.

Due to the pandemic the original scheduled date in 2021 was postponed and the event is now being held from the 29th June – 3rd July 2022 at the new Bordeaux club.  The event will thereafter remains in even years.

The format has also been changed from the best 8 pairs in the world to the best 4 pairs.  The event will still rotate between France, United States, England and Australia.

The reigning world champions, if defending their title, will automatically irrespective of their actual doubles word ranking, be the number 1 seeds.

The remaining three pairs will be seeded and there will be a set format for these matches:

No. 1 seeds -v- No. 4 seeds
No. 2 seeds -v- No. 3 seeds

All matches will be the best of 9 sets with the first 4 sets being played on day 1 and the remaining sets being played on day 2 (or until a partnership has won 5 sets).

The seeding will be determined by the IRTPA World Doubles Ranking system.

The current rules can be seen here

Updated 04/01/2024