World Race Concludes

Published on: Nov 21, 2017

Who will be challenging the world champion Camden Riviere?

With the conclusion of the British Open 2017 singles event, the positions within the race ladder are now concluded.  The four players eligible have to confirm by 1st December they will be taking up their option to play in a series of knock out eliminators with the winner of these going through to challenge Camden Riviere in the Challenge which is being held at the Queen’s Club in April 2018.  The ticket application for this Challenge can be seen by following this link.

The eligible players are:

  1. Robert Fahey
  2. Steve Virgona
  3. Chris Chapman
  4. Bryn Sayers

There is a new format for the 1st round eliminators this year.  Rather than playing the best of three 5 set matches on a home and away basis the eliminator will be played at one venue on a best of 9 set match.  4 sets will be played on the first day and the remains sets, until a player has won 5 sets will be played on the second day, with a days rest.  Should a player win 4 sets on the first day they have the option to play one more set that day.  The opponent has to accept this or forfeit the match.