World Singles Challenge and Events Resumption

Published on: Aug 10, 2021

Ranking and race points on resumption of events

  1. The IWCC considered the proposal from the Executive that if 8 or more of the top 15 players are able to enter an event, irrespective of whether they do or not then this event will receive full points. 
  2. The IWCC requested that the IRTPA Executive of the IWCC (Ben Ronaldson, Jeremy Wintersteen and Susie Falkner) look at each country’s requirements for travel before a ranking tournament is held. This will be done one month before each tournament’s entries close. It will be up to each Association to decide when the closing date will be of any event, but it was felt this should be fourteen days before the start of the tournament.
  3. If no adverse travel/visa/quarantine conditions have been introduced at this time, then the event will qualify to receive full points.  Should travel/visa/quarantine conditions be called after this time, the event will still receive full ranking and race points. 

World Race and Ranking Points

It was agreed that the world singles challenge following the challenge in September 2022 will be held in September 2023 and in odd years thereafter.

The 2023 race will therefore commence on January 1st2021, and end in December 2022. However, the WC race points from the 2 events played in the 2020 cycle will be carried forward to this race.

A smoothing “constant” to the top 15 players’ ranking points tally, designed to diminish any adverse impact of players not being able to play in every tournament and prevent seeding anomalies will be adopted.  This will be achieved by taking the world ranking points following the U.S. Open 2020 (last event played).  Individual’s total will be divided by 3 (the ranking system runs over a three year period hence a 1/3rd).  This figure, of say 30,000 points following the U.S. Open would mean that this player will have 10,000 points added to their total each time rankings are run for seeding purposes.

Race points will not be affected by this proposal if at least 7 events are played, then World Race Points from them will determine the players.  

If less than 7 eligible events are played, the IWCC determined that points are to be calculated using a hybrid of race and ranking points, using a mathematical model designed by Ben Ronaldson. Notice will be given to all players in mid-2022 if it is likely that this model is to be used. Regular updates will be posted after each tournament.