State of play – or lack of it

Published on: Dec 14, 2020

As the news just breaks that London as from Wednesday 16th December moves into Tier 3 restrictions it may seem odd timing to be announcing the ‘flex-i-schedule’ for 2021 but surely this pandemic cannot last for ever?!

The IRTPA has been working with the national associations to formulate a flexible schedule for the second half of 2021.  

Currently the 2021 season looks like this, but anything can change:

Australian Open – normally January – is moving to August and the dates are provisionally 6th – 15th August.  The event is being played at Ballarat.

U.S. Open – normally played in February/March but is moving to May.

U.S. Professional Singles – stays in its normal slot of early June.

Champions Trophy – normally July and waiting to see if there are provisional dates.

French Open – staying in September and the dates are 26th September – 2nd October in Paris.

World Championship Doubles is being held at the new Bordeaux club from 6th October – 10th October.  The format for this remains the same as in previous WCD’s but will be changing for the event in 2023 with less pairs.

IRTPA Championships – to be fitted in the best dates with the strongest field prior to the last event of the year.  It will be played October/early November

British Open maintains its normal slot and will be played 14th – 23rd November.

Other News

U.S. National League:  Because of Covid-19 the event is going to be held in Boston from March 10th – 14th.  The current plan is to have five teams competing with two matches being played each day.  Ryan Carey will be streaming the matches and will be the sole spectator….

The teams are:

Chicago (Virgona and Medlow)
Tuxedo (Chisholm and Smart)
New York (Stout, Tanfield and Kemp)
New England (Riviere, Hollins and Gooding)
Philadelphia (Lumley, Dodgson and Asher)

Please consider supporting the IRTPA and our professionals worldwide.  The loss of income to the professionals from lessons and tournament play has been highlighted with this pandemic and this Patron Membership, we hope ultimately, will see the IRTPA with reserves enabling the association to help those in need. Your contribution will help achieve this.