IRTPA Patron Membership

Supporting Professionals Worldwide

The IRTPA promotes, supports, advances and protects the interests of all those employed as professionals at real tennis. It is also concerned with the sustainable growth and development of the sport worldwide. In addition to being the game’s primary employment resource the association is the principal advocate for those who work in the game. Our membership and board work in a multitude of governance positions throughout the world, striving to maintain the growth and health of our game.

We are excited to be creating a new membership category within the Association.

IRTPA Patron Membership
Supporting all Real Tennis Professionals

How will my contribution help the IRTPA to support their Professionals? 

The IRTPA needs funding for its various operations. Simply put, with greater funds the IRTPA is in a much stronger position to invest and support our Professionals and in turn the health of the game.

The association’s current income is derived solely from the professionals’ subscriptions to the association and the U.K. National League fees.  

To be a truly effective and stronger association we must be in a position to invest not only in the points below, but the welfare, training and recruitment of future generations of professionals.

  • IRTPA events and tournaments, particularly providing additional support to clubs that are hosting and running IRTPA events
  • Funding for the costs of running the association, which currently include: Website / World Ranking System / Streaming / Administration

What are my options to support? Click on the categories below to contribute.

The Professionals who dedicate their lives to our sport thank you for your consideration and generosity. We’d like to thank all of our contributors by recognising them on our website, if you’d like to remain anonymous please let us know.